About Us

Latifa means “lovingly caress” in Persian and Hebrew. Based on a sacred family recipe, these hand-crafted artisan products, have been time tested and handed down from generation to generation.  By design our products are intended to reflect our long history of quality, history and dedication to the arts.

Latifa’s Art is a family owned and operated business started in Jaffa, Israel. Our new manufacturing and distribution in Texas, USA is the next step to bring our natural products to other markets. The products we develop are by real hands, whether it be the designs, scents, conceptualization or production. We want our customers to know that Latifa’s Art is about pride and the satisfaction of our customers.

Contact Us

Latifa’s Art
10840 Switzer Ave, Suite 107, Dallas TX 75238

David Nachat
Founder / Master Soap Maker
cell: 469.744.3979
email: latifaartsoaps@gmail.com

Daniel Hoeffner
CEO/Customer Service
cell: 469.925.8950
email: daniel@latifasart.com

fax: 972.685.5999

Making a Designer Soap Loaf

Our Ingredients, Use and Health Benefits
Our uniquely hand-crafted products are made with ingredients provided by “nature”. We actively use ingredients such as Dead Sea minerals, extra virgin olive oil, aloe, coconut oil, almond oil and natural scents in all our products. We also utilize these ingredients without preservatives, additives or contaminates that destroy their properties. This means our customers get the full effect of nutrients, vitamins and overall health benefits… pure and simple. It’s something your body will love from head to toe!

We Are Active Locally
Our facility in Texas provides jobs for many special needs people. We are proud to be part of something that truly makes a difference and helps these gifted hard workers find their own place in life.