Animals designed soaps set

soap for kids

Heart is the name of the youngest child in our family. Following the success of the original product line, we have developed a product to pamper the little ones all the love and tenderness they deserve.

This product line designed according to models from the animal kingdom, will make toddlers smile as mentioned bath time. His mother’s heart (which is also a doctor and a specialist in acupuncture) is working on adding other scents such as orange, melon, wild strawberry and apple would cause little ones to smell good all Hiom.liin soaps attention is specially designed line of children’s delicate skin. Soaps, children’s petting rich in minerals and essential oils very children.
Many parents face every day in wars and conflicts during the showers. Our children with soapy bath time becomes too enjoyable for children and for parents. Heart soaps come in a variety of shapes and colors especially loved the children and make them run to the shower.

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Fine Soaps Children

Not suitable for children soap and soap before choosing them to make sure that it meets stringent standards. Soap should be gentle and natural as possible and contain all the elements that are important to the delicate skin. Latifa’s heart soaps are made to give the delicate skin of little ones all what he needs. Our animals soaps kids feel like a nice toy for everything, but in fact used them as a quality care.

Gifts for Children

If you are looking for a special and original gift for young children, you should look around for our children soaps Blaine. This is a particularly high-quality soaps used a great gift for your favorite kids. Beyond the fact that they are very happy to receive such an original gift, you will be sure to give them a quality product and reliable. Our soaps come in a variety of forms incredibly sweet animals, which makes them a very beloved children